Almoosa Doors  is the pioneer in the Kingdom’s automatic doors industry.  Proudly, we are also one of the first importers of automatic doors technology in the kingdom because of our commitment to achieve great customer satisfaction while providing quality products and services.

Starting 1984, we have proven our name in the industrial market, by studying and innovating constantly to provide state-of-the-art and high quality products to distribute in Saudi Arabia. We have extended our branches up to 52 outlets covering the major cities in Southern, Eastern, Western, Northern and Central regions in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

To meet the demands of quality and reasonable price in supplying automatic doors, we continue to upgrade our technology, while utilizing the finest quality  materials produced from high-standard production. Moreover, we provide professional services which are backed-up by our trained  support team providing kind and critical assistance from inquiry until our products are delivered and installed for our clients.

Quality and customer satisfaction these are the commitment of Almoosa Doors aside from innovation and continuous advancement.

Al-Moosa Doors Factory was founded on 1984 as the first factory in the Gulf region that produces a Roll-up Doors, and now we have become larger “thanks to Allah” and thanks to the efforts and dedication personnel who lead the way in the manufacturing of doors in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf, we are proud to produce the variety of automatic gates product.

From 1984 and until today we have became larger because of our serious work.  We have branches in all parts of the Kingdom and the country of Arab Gulf in order to meet the needs of our customers anywhere and at the soonest possible time.

General Manger
Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Moosa


Manufacturing and distributing automatic garage doors with high quality and suitable prices


Work on the development of our Product and necessary human resources using the latest methods of research and training.


The idea started during the construction of my house in the early eighties in Ahsa city, where I have read in a World Construction magazine about new automatic garage doors technologies to be installed on the car parking of my house alternative to the old iron doors and can be operated by remote Control, So I have searched all over the Saudi Kingdom, but I did not find any company that supply these doors, Hence the idea began to import the first door to my house, that was seem very strange


Find the best sources for doors and most prestigious companies have been contracted with the World Gliderol were obtained and the exclusive agency within the Kingdom and was the beginning of the import of the doors. The first showroom was opened in Ahssa City, and that was our main branch.


The first Subscribed to the national industries exhibitions in the cities of Riyadh – Jeddah – Dammam.


Our factory was founded in the old industrial zone in Ahssa city with a capacity of 3000 doors annually. Our first branch was Opened in Riyadh City in Takhasosi Street.


We Completed the rest of the machinery that was Required in the factory, and manufacturing has begun entirely within our factory. Our first branch was Opened in Dammam City


The first extended to our factory was made. Our first branch was Opened in Jeddah City.


The Production capacity in the factory was raised to be 6000 doors annually.


Branches were opened in Riyadh – Badeaa city, and Qatif city.


The exclusive agency within the Kingdom from the Italian Brand CASIT was Made. We started using the aluminum rail guide instead of the Iron rail guide.


The factory and warehouses extended due to the increase in production and inventory.


Contract has been signed with a distributor for us in Mecca city, Qassim Buraydah city, Hail city, Medina city.


The exclusive agency within the Kingdom from the Italian Brand Guines was Made


The exclusive agency within the Kingdom from the American Brand new England was Made to supply the American sectional doors.


Branches were opened in in Taif city, and Al-Kharj city.


Branches were opened in Mecca city, Qassim Buraydah city, Hail city, Medina city, and the distributor contracts was canceled.


The Production capacity in the factory was raised to be 9,000 doors annually. Branches were opened in Riyadh – Rawda city, Jeddah Hira Street, Jubail city.


Branches were opened in Dawadmi city, Tabuk city, second branch in Qassim Buraydah city.


Branches were opened in Khamis City, Qassim Buraydah Oniza st., Yanbu city.


Branches were opened in Jeddah – Al Samer st., Riyadh – Aqeeq city, Riyadh – Shifa city.


Branches were opened in Riyadh – Al-Azizia city, Riyadh – Rawabi city


Al Khober Branch was opened. The Production capacity in the factory was raised to be 15,000 doors annually.


Al Dammam – Fisalia Branch was opened. The new Motor was assembly and collected inside the factory, Named Al moosa Motor, it has the same specifications of the Australian motor.


Branches were opened in Rass city, and Alqoieihcity.


The exclusive agency within the Kingdom from the American Brand CHI was Made.


The distribution contract was made with the Italian company FAAC.


The Production capacity in the factory was raised to be 30,000 doors annually. The insulated and uninsulated slats doors were first produced.


The Production capacity in the factory was raised to be 40,000 doors annually. Including 10,000 slats doors.


The line of steel hollow sections and the fire-resistant doors was produced. The factory was moved to a the new Laayoune industrial zone, the area of 15,200 m We developed and purchased new machines for the production of doors. the Communication campaign was launched to serve the clients that replace the old door with a new one with a very special price