Roller Door

Roller doors are made by 0.5 mm thick zincalum, in prepainted steel, which is available in three
colors (White – Beige – Weather Copper), the “Polyglide” is designed with a high degree of
rust resistance, to enable the door to move easily. It has a durable rubber finish to
prevent dirt. An aluminum bottom rail guide 10 cms wide and 5 cms deep, with galvanized steel,
and center locking system. Our door ranges are designed to a maximum 6.80 meters wide and 5.80
meters in height.

The Motor specifications are:

  • The Australian made motor from “Glidrol” come in three Modes (Single – Dual – Industrial) operated
    by 24v DC, with a unique control box, which is easy operated by a simple push button, transmitter,
    using both 110v/220v 60hz, and Fully safe with photocell emergency release system exist..

  • It is Saudi origin (from Al Moosa Co..
  • Electricity is 110v/220v. 60hz.
  • It can be converted from 110v to 220v, and vice versa

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